Guruvani 90.8

Guruvani 90.8
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Guruvani has been inspired by the huge success of campus radios around the world. In fact, in less than two years since Guruvani began broadcasting, it has succeeded in providing practical and meaningful education and training to its students. Apart from training the students on handling the equipment in the studio, Guruvani has also provided students the opportunity of producing and airing their own programmes, thereby becoming a platform for the students to communicate their concerns and challenges. The station is stirring an interest among its student in their communities and inviting queries and addressing doubts over a range of career issues. The station is being run with the help of combined effort of professionals, students, interns and regular volunteers from the campus. The radio station has experienced the joys and sorrows of nurturing an interest in an unknown territory. Thematic Focus: The station focuses on various topics including career advice, literature, mythology, philosophy, education, health, environment education, womenÂ’s empowerment and social issues.

Gurunanak Bhavan, EMRC Building, Gujarat University Campus, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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