Radio Amargadhi FM 97.4 MHz

Radio Amargadhi FM 97.4 MHz
Radio Amargadhi FM 97.4 MHz
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The community Amaragadi radio, which is located in Dadeldhura, in remote areas, has a capacity of 500 MW capable radio. This radio device is connected digitally. As a result of digital and state-of-the-art equipment, its coverage area has shown surveillance of a non-governmental organization that is over the entire radio in the remote region. 

According to the Sural Access Nepal survey conducted in the year 2068, the coverage area of ​​this radio is said to be in 9 districts of the remote region and 7 districts in the Middle East. The survey conducted on the basis of its audience has also been listening to radio listeners in the reservoirs of estimated 20 lakhs. 

Dadeldhura MAHAKALI
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